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The idea of using the finest fabric with ethical sources was the original quest. There is so much fabric going to waste even if the quality is superb. Partnering with local tailors, in the beginning, set the bar of quality to extremely high. These tailors use only the finest fabrics in the world.

Sami Eklund still remembers the first time he met Hermanni Vuorisalo. It was a regular workday at his tailor shop when Hermanni walked in. Hermanni wanted to hear what Sami has to say about the very first prototype of SÖÖR neckwear.

“I told him that it looks great and something I never seen before. I send him home with bunch of my left over fabrics. Today I am proud to have a selection of SÖÖRs in my store.” From the first encounter Sami Eklund has been Hermandia’s partner. Many of you are wearing a SÖÖR with centre fabric supplied by him.

In addition to creating tailor made suits for men, Sami’ has a selection of menswear items in his shop. The selection includes mens accessories, shoes and clothes that are of high quality, fairly priced and most often Sami is the only retailer in Finland. Get to know Sami’s work better here.

Another long-time partner of ours is tailor Miia Virtanen, who owns another tailor shop in Turku. The last time we went over for a visit to Miia’s shop, she was sewing tailor-made motorbike trousers and a ball gown for prom. Miia has also created a bespoke vest for Hermanni to match a unique SÖÖR Akseli, that Hermanni has made for himself (pictured below).

Vaatturimestari Miia Virtanen harjoittaa ammattia, joka uhkaa kuolla  sukupuuttoon - Teemat - Turun Sanomat

Sami and Miia are part of Finnish Tailor association; Suomen Vaatturiliitto amongst nine other skilled tailors. Finnish Tailor association was founded in 1895, to support the education and professionalism amongst tailors.

Are you interested to create a bespoke SÖÖR to match a suit? Ask your tailor to send us a a piece of the fabric used and we will do the rest. Email us at shop@hermandia.com for any bespoke SÖÖR enquiries.


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