Unique by nature

Hermandia is a quality accessory atelier where every detail is carefully thought-out and handmade with care. We believe that every person, act and present moment are unique by nature and therefore precious.


Hermandia is a design studio founded in 2018 by designer Hermanni Vuorisalo. Our design is based on the mentality of  traceability and the respect for nature around us. For us, every act matters. We believe that high-quality design can be produced in a transparent and sustainable manner where every detail is intentional.

We are fascinated by the idea of making a difference and viewing things from a new perspective. The idea of Hermandia was build from detailed craftsmanship, reusing quality left-over materials and setting an example of ethical consumption. The result is a promise of uncompromising transparency, traceability and a holistic experience.

Our first SÖÖR Neckwear was designed for a very unique moment – for Vuorisalo’s own 30th birthday celebration. SÖÖR is dedicated to the most important people in life: family and friends. From the very first neckwear, we have been passionate about creating remarkable design experiences.

We believe that every moment is unique and full of opportunities. Follow your unique path. Exceed yourself. Say thank you. Learn new skills. Show what you stand for. Embrace the present moment. Appreciate life.


Meaningful acts

For us, every act counts. We are strong believers in change: that things can be done differently. Hermandia stands for transparency, traceability, thoughtfulness, and sustainability.

Appreciation Of Details

Our quality philosophy is based on carefully considered details. We believe that paying attention to detail brings joy to life. A profound respect for crafts tradition and well-thought design lies behind everything we do.

Co-living With Nature

We live united with nature and therefore we want to contribute positively to the environment around us. The Nordic mentality and appreciation of nature have led us to the use of natural and recycled materials. Each Hermandia neckwear product preserves a piece of Finnish nature.




Back to nature-Hermandia

Contribute back to nature

Organic materials-Hermandia

organic materials


Surplus and recycled materials

No added-Hermandia

no added colors or toxins


Our vision is to exemplify how to strive for better standards – in terms of experience, quality craftsmanship, and the preservation of nature.


We design and create our own products in the most sustainable way possible. Material-wise we only use organic and surplus materials and embrace the circular economy. We have created our own organic surface treatment that sets us free from added solvents or other chemicals. Traceability is a significant feature of our materials and the production takes place at our atelier in Finland. Moreover, what makes a product truly sustainable is its ability to last long in terms of both quality and style.


We partner with other brands and companies that share our values and inspire us to create meaningful acts and stories.

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