Weight 200 g
Dimensions 13 × 20 × 3 cm

J20 ring is 925 pure silver. It has a unique piece of glass that is embedded by hand. Every piece of glass is collected by Joalin herself.

Made in Finland.

Distributor: Hermandia Inc

Designed by Hermanni Vuorisalo

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J20 ring is a gift to Joalin, to you, and for the environment as she turns 20 years of age.

These J20 pieces of glass are collected from the shores of Finland. They are unique pieces and everyone is carefully handcrafted into a Gem sealed in a 925 silver ring. They are collected by Joalin herself. Rings come in a wooden jewellery case. The size of the ring is adjustable so it fits perfectly.

There are only 20 rings made. Joalin has one and you can have one of these rare J20-rings.

Every sold ring donates 15€ to Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association (Pidä Saaristo siistinä Ry).


Distributor: Hermandia Inc
Manufacturer: Hermandia

Products – Hermanni Vuorisalo
Video: Julian Riikonen

Joalin Loukamaa, Johanna Loukamaa, Päivi Marraskorpi


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" J20 "

A collaboration by Hermandia x Joalin

The environment is very important to Joalin. We can make a difference by keeping our beaches and shores clean from trash if we want to enjoy them. Sometimes we can find treasures there that stay in our memories.
Joalin has installed one of her dear memories into a ring – J20.

Joalin and Hermandia have made a gift for Joalin birthday as she turns 20 years old. The ring is full silver and the glass is embedded by hand with traditional methods.

J20 is a symbol of a new beginning.