Osmo - Captain's bowtie

Osmo is the last wooden frigate made in Finland. The red-skinned and smooth-sided ship was built in 1867-1869 at the Salmensuu shipyard in Rauma. The ship was designed by J. Busstorff from Pori, and the first builder was Johan Justen from Rauma, and later Isak Vigelius from Rauma.

Osmo sailed around the world until the early 20th century. Osmo was to become Finland’s first museum ship when a foundation from Satakunta bought it for renovation. However, the ship was devastated by an autumn storm in 1937 and only remained of it underwater parts and a valuable sculpture on display at the Rauma Maritime Museum.

A small legacy Osmo has taken on a new form of “captain’s bowtie” – a collaboration between the Nortamo group and designer Hermmani Vuorisalo. A presentation video has been compiled about the manufacturing and from the collaboration.

Acknowledgments: Matti Lahtinen, Kim Nivalinna, Miguel Manzano, Nortamo seor Mikko Vapanen and other besetninki, Jyri Naskali,

Materials in Neckwear:
Frigate trunk – redwood. Recycled brass that is precision engraved. The choke is made of recycled leather. The box is made of heat-treated birch from Finnish forests. The base veneer is smoked oak.

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