Learn how to tie a SÖÖR neckwear.

See below how simple it is to tie a SÖÖR Neckwear, no more need to google “How to tie a bow tie” for instructions. SÖÖR neckwear is designed to sit perfectly on your neck, no matter what you are up to, your SÖÖR will stay in place. They are easier to use than self tie […]

A new SÖÖR for your bow tie collection.

SÖÖR Antero Sysi neckwear is more than a wooden bow tie. HERMANDIA x NASKALI SÖÖR Antero Sysi neckwear is our newest addition to our carefully curated collection. This SÖÖR is a great addition to your existing necktie and bowtie collection. Wear it just like any other black bow tie. SÖÖR Antero Sysi is literally burned […]