DAAM Wooden Earrings made with FSC wood and recycled silver.

Daam puiset korvakorut

We updated our DAAM wooden earrings. No need to worry, earring designs are the same, but we upgraded the silver parts and revamped the jewellery box. DAAM earrings are made from FSC certified wood, Eco-Act silver and hooks are made with solid 925‰ silver, from Italy. We chose Eco-Act silver for its ecological and sustainable […]

Learn how to tie a SÖÖR neckwear.

See below how simple it is to tie a SÖÖR Neckwear, no more need to google “How to tie a bow tie” for instructions. SÖÖR neckwear is designed to sit perfectly on your neck, no matter what you are up to, your SÖÖR will stay in place. They are easier to use than self tie […]

Bespoke SÖÖR

Did you know that you can order bespoke SÖÖR designs from us? One of the first ever bespoke SÖÖRs we designed was for Prigi Oy, one of our long time partners. Prigi is responsible for all HERMANDIA print materials. When creating Prigi’s bespoke SÖÖR, it was important to include their logo into the design. Have […]